Tenaya Taylor

is creating music, art, digital content, water color paintings
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About Tenaya Taylor

Hi my name is Tenaya Taylor. I am a musician, artist, and social justice organizer from Hartford Connecticut. I am a full-time artist and work part-time at a non-profit working with youth and the community to grow food and try to make Hartford a healthier place for oppressed people.  

In my organizing I focus on anti-racism, Reparations, mass incarceratiion Black Lives Matter, disability rights, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights to work on making a more equitable and accessible world for all. I do this by helping to organize free community events such as Social Emergency Response Center Hartford (SERC Hartford), community potlucks, anti-oppression workshops, attending protests, public speaking, and being vocal on social media about all the BS that is happening. I believe that people power and conversations are an important part of our liberation. 

When I'm not out doing civic engagement I am creating watercolor art. I create designs that I put on tea towels, magnets, t-shirts, and other home  goods that I sell in my online gift shop and do occasional pop-up shops at local markets. I have been commissioned to do art for award ceremonies, wedding invitations, and Microsoft Paint family portraits.    

In the middle of the chaos I am a disabled person due to a childhood accident that left me with lifelong issues that cause chronic pain and mobile impairment. I also struggle with endometriosis so I spend a lot of time and mental energy maintaining my health and trying to get some of my pain under control. Every day is a battle but I am getting it done with a little help from my friends!   

I am using Patreon to help me:
Make music
Buy art supplies
Uber places (public transportation in Hartford is bad)
Buy food when life is too much
Pay rent 
get my art and messages out there to people who care too! 

Thank you! 

The intro video is my first song I recorded. 

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