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Any amount of donation will grant you access to eventual art streams (details will be available when they start).
You will also be able to see the line art versions (uncoloured) of my comic pages (Dear Mom, Order Made, etc) a week early! Not only that, but you will also be able to see the finished pages up to 3 days before anyone else, too!
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Five dollar donations grant you access to all the same stuff as the $1 tier, as well as allow you to make requests during art streams! (No NSFW though!)




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About Heracynn Bell

I'm an animator! Right now most of my animations are just projects for my animation classes at school, but I have some pretty big ideas! I also love to draw comics, such as nuzlocke (Pokemon) comics!
My dream is to one day work at Cartoon Network, but for now I'm happy to show my heart on the internet instead!
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At $100, I'll start working on a new webcomic! Patrons will be able to see pages of the comic a full week before the comic is posted anywhere else!
What are the details of the comic? Why, it's gonna be a little gem called "Order Made," and is the latest incarnation of what I would surely call my pet project, originally known as "Shameless"
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