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No matter what you donate, and even if you don't donate, I will be around on all of the aforementioned avenues of contact to discuss the direction of the bot with anyone interested. I'm really, really not fussed about getting money. If you can afford to donate, give what you can, and if you give an exceptional amount for some reason, leave contact details somewhere and I'll contact you and see if I can do anything exceptional for you.




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This is (what I expect to be) a private Patreon to fund the hosting, upkeep and development of the bot currently known as HaruBot. If I don't know you, hi, glad to have you around. Contact details at the bottom if you're interested in the project.
You probably know who she is, as I suspect this will go nowhere except the small group of friends I'm making it for, but for those who don't:

Haru's Barrier Maiden (name subject to change) is a Discord bot primarily focused on tabletop game-related commands and functionality. The basic commands available to everyone, at the moment, are:

/roll XdY+-Z -flag #comment
Standard dicerolling function. Rolls X Y-sided die, and then adds or subtracts Z. Presently, the main flag is -crit to allow crit explosions on d20 (reroll on a 20 or a 1, and add or subtract respectively), but if someone hosts, for instance, a L5R game with her, functionality can easily be added to support XkY notation, flags to handle specific types of crit explosions and handling, et cetera.

/stats -flag
At the moment, the raw /stats function returns an array of 4d6 best 3, perfect for generating a standard D&D player character (or npc). The -full flag presently allows you to see each of the rolls made. If more functionality is desired for other systems with a random generation element, functionality can easily be added for those.

And a few irrelevant minor commands.

Commands that do not currently support use beyond developer use, but that could be turned into something with global use, include:

/log X
Returns a .txt with the last X lines spoken in the room of the command, formatted nicely. A -timestamp flag would be an easy inclusion. Not currently supported outside developer use because it doesn't send the files, but this is a functionality that shouldn't be too hard to add in.

The /combat suite
Currently set up specifically for D&D 3.5, this command allows the user (with the command /combat with the seed and then /cstart in the room in question) to seed and populate a list of characters, ordered by their initiative rolls (which it automatically sorts). It then pings whoever's turn it is, until they (or the person who started the /combat) use the command /done or /pass. The operator can also /kill, /rout, or /cadd players, NPCs and creatures as they come and go. Currently, this is hardcoded, but it wouldn't take too much of a restructuring to allow anyone to use it, anywhere.

And then, the other feature of the bot, partially implemented:

A command available to everyone is /makechar <name>. This generates a completely random character (by design) which is then assigned to your Discord account. The character's stats can then be displayed with the /viewchar command. There are idle long-term plans to make something akin to a text adventure game with this, but I would rather not make claims that I may not get to back up or fulfill, and if I do end up making it, do not want to spoil any of the features; therefore, I will say no more about this.

As for the... donation rewards and stretch goals or whatever, well:


I don't really believe in donation rewards, or pushing for specific amounts of money. I'd like people to donate what they feel is right and what they can afford-- the first 5-10 dollars (updated when I'm certain on what service I will use) go to putting the bot onto a Virtual Private Server so that its uptime is not based on whether I remembered to switch it on for the night. After that, everything goes to supporting me spending less time on a job and more time on development of the bot.

You probably know where to find me, but if not, I'm Harudoku#4799 on Discord or Harudoku on Steam or Harudoku on Skype (for how rarely I check that anymore) and my E-Mail, surprisingly, is [email protected]. I'm happy to talk to anyone with any interest in new features, interest in getting the bot onto their server, or interest in updating existing features about those things. Or just in general. No need to donate, or anything, that's not really what this is about.

Thanks for looking this over, and have a nice day.
$20 - reached! per month
I feel like I should probably fill the space a bit more and explain where the extra would go. Anything past 20/month and I'd probably begin to feel comfortable dedicating more time to making the bot a better bot. 20/mo is below minimum wage at 3 hours/mo, and I generally put 40-80 hours in per month into this thing. On the lower end lately-- depression's a bitch-- but that's part of what this is for. Seeing some actual return on it may well be helpful.
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