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is creating masterpiece art merchandise as well as a comics and animation co
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About Corderro Stith

Welcome to my Patreon! Here you'll find full-length and time-lapse videos, tutorials, and demonstrations of the art I create for my merchandise and art store. You'll get a first hand look at everything it takes to create my art. Youtube will host live clips, and time-lapse videos and there you can find content free, but only here on Patreon will you find the full-length videos as well some working files to practice with open layers (for personal use only) to gain even more. The reason we're here is because I'm embarking on a new project "Nero" A comic book I want to create with You! Patrons will not only get gifts per tier level, but they can also give input on the details of the comic; characters, clothing, weapons, plot points, etc. The blueprint is there we'll just flesh out the details together! He's an earth-born super hero that becomes strong enough to defeat the Superman! You all will be helping me decide on art to create for my merchandise store as well! So what kind of Comic would you like to create, and what celebrities and places would you like painted for your wall or coffee mug? :D Sign up today, get your list together, e-mail, and enjoy! Without further ado I present to you #ArtIsLife on Patreon!!! Follow across all major social media platforms FacebookYoutubeInstagramTwitter, and our official art storefront!
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A necessary wage to make this endeavor concrete. Also getting us set for the projects coming soon! Animation?! A cartoon you say?! Well say no more! Patrons of these endeavor's will have first-hand input, HD wallpapers, and other swag as well as first looks at everything! These will be exclusive to Patreon members only!
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