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I could buy like 2 starbucks coffees now. I'll do a chibi headshot sketch for you. After your payment has processed contact me in Patreon messages and tell me what you want (If you do want anything). 




So I'm a self taught hobby artist. I do this on the side for fun. I recently have been tryin my best to improve a little :'). I created this patreon after multiple people had asked me to. I used to think I wasn't worthy or good enough for patreon but I am trying to not think that anymore. I appreciate anyone who chooses to support me. Only do it if you feel like tipping me basically. I won't have much of a paywall for content since I try to make all my work free for everyone to view but I will start posting WIPs here firstly b4 anywhere else. TRY.

I primarily draw females and have been working more on anatomy than previously before. I'll draw both chibi and non chibi characters of various anime and game series.

  • I mostly draw sfw and occasional blood/violence or slightly suggestive.

My schedule is pretty all over the place. I'll take a month long break (occasionally) and then come back and suddenly do like three 10 hour drawings back to back. It's never consistent. But majority of the time I will pump out multiple works per month. Bursts. Cool down. Bursts. 

**I do doodles for some patreon awards but because of a specific problematic user I can not go out of my way to message ppl much or chit chat. So when you want your sketch you have to mssg me and ask. But only after the months payment processed. And if you message me, it has to purely be professional as in tell me what sketch you'd like or if you have a patreon/art question. My patreon is only for art.
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I'll do a request drawing. I'll never reach here though so its fine lmao
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts

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