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If you’re able to donate even $1 a month, I’ll credit you in the description of my videos! You’ll always have a place on Haunt Former & The Glog, and in my heart. Hahaha.Thank you!




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About Mak Ralston

Hey guys and gals! Mak here! Yep, I jumped on the Patreon bandwagon. But, fear not! I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to donate, I completely understand. However, if you wanna support me in any way, here’s your golden opportunity! 

With Patreon and Google Adsense, I get the funds to buy new equipment AND (most importantly) new Halloween products to review! 

Funds will go to both of my channels, though The Glog really isn’t that costly. Most of the money will go toward the Haunted House. So, anything is appreciated, but not expected.

Thank you for reading! Hope some support will come from Patreon. Appreciate you guys and gals! -Mak, Haunt Former & The Glog
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