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About Amy On The Radio

Hi fellow Patrons! Did you like Dark Matter Network News with Amy Martin on Midnight in the Desert with Art Bell and Heather Wade? Ever listen to her podcast as The Haunted Skeptic? She's rebooting her show, and this time, she needs your help. Amy on the Radio with Amy Martin airs five nights a week, LIVE! in a convenient time slot which wouldn't conflict at all with your current listening commitments for Midnight in the Desert.

To make this happen for 3 hours of quality, unfiltered talk radio content, aiming to delve deep into the heart of bizarre cases of the unexplained, explore new topics of science many will have never considered, and even venture out into the world of the arts and entertainment just to bring you a unique experience you won't find anywhere else, your monthly contribution would allow her to devote more of her time to delivering insightful interviews and ideas on exciting subjects. She likes to write a lot as well, so could also receive a flurry of well-thought  and easy-to-digest articles packed with original content on the latest news, delivered every day straight to your inbox. 

No Worries About Licensing Fees!

Amy doesn't have to pay for music licensing because she has an in-house composer (and isn't so bad at making synth noise, herself). Acoustic Country? Sure. Wanna hear a 3 piece Jazz ensemble for the bumper music? We've got that. That ethereal chill-out stuff like they play on Hearts of Space? Absolutely. Got a cool tune you want to broadcast on the show? Sweet! Wanna sing her a song on the open lines? You'll get your shot. ;)

No Worries About Equipment!
Turns out, Amy already has her own studio and equipment, to boot. You'll hear crystal clear audio streaming at the highest bitrates broadcast straight from the middle of the city in America's Heartland, and have access to these programs through 24-bit audio recordings archived in mp3 format at a high standard of 320 kbps. 

No Worries About Web Content and Access to User Communities!

Amy started designing websites and user community experiences in the ye olde Web 1.0 days of yonder. She's maintained for several years now, and would have no problem setting up or maintaining her own archives. In other words: no middle man. She's also not afraid of social media. In fact, she manages a lot of campaigns and other user communities for other clients. Wanna use Twitter? Go right ahead. All tweets and replies stream at the top of her website.

No Ads for Subscribers!

Seriously. For $5 a month, you'll get an ad-free archive listening experience. You'll also have access to send me direct messages through the site which I'll see before anything else while I'm on the air!

She's sticking around.
Amy started investigating bold claims of science and the paranormal many moons ago. She developed a presence in the Art Bell community during his return in the Summer of 2015, and miraculously had the opportunity to eventually read the news for him, as well as Heather, until the end of the year.
It was a good run, but she's not going away anytime soon! She really hopes you enjoyed the news, and wants to show you she has much more in store!

No Drink Maximum.

There's no drink maximum to call into the show, but deviating a little from the standard format of other talk shows, rumor has it she may open up a special line for those who have had their "2 drink minimum." (Disclaimer: Drink responsibly!)

What Else?
Her interest in science advocacy while exploring fringe topics, plus knowledge of Forteana combined with her love of science fiction and all manner of geekdom will certainly make for an exciting listen. She's been a lot of places in the world, has a lot of experiences to talk about, and most of all, wants to hear from you, the listeners.

For the cost of a latte (and less than most beers), give her a shot! 

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For a minimum goal of $1,000 a month, AOTR will be able to meet basic overhead required of producing a 5-night a week live radio show. 
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