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A: Hey yall! I’m Andrew and I’m a 18 year old, vaporwave-loving, black trans guy. I write and podcast about various things with my boi Kai such as communism, punk shit, drag, and music. I also am learning how to edit videos, audio, and pictures!
K: What’s up, My name’s Kai, I’m 19, and I’m literally too gay to function. I am the mildly sociopathic founding father of the Haus of Misanthropy, who is also a black trans dude (Surprise, surprise). I’m a punk who likes philosophy, music, gay culture, politics and I like to do the art stuffs for money.
As queer people of color, there really isn’t a lot of representation out there for us, and we hope to someday change that and nurture a fair and safe environment for creators of all kinds. We use Patreon as a way to connect and interact with the community as well as raise money to help us fund our gender-affirming care and support the queer community. We do all sorts of things such as podcasts, fan art, fanfiction, original works, little arts and crafts shit, zines... We’re open to anything really. We are also looking to connect with other artists and be able to produce some really cool collaborative projects. So don’t be afraid to hit us up with some ideas, or leave suggestions for our podcast!
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When we reach 10 patrons we will release the start of our zine/comic series and stream the newest podcast. 
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