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Hello everyone!
My name is Hax, and I am the owner and creator of the destroyingtheglory.com domain. This is my blog (obviously) where I voice my opinions and take on everything around the world, from films, art, current events, and all around BS in the world. This blog is currently rand solely on my own and I do intend to keep it as is, though this may change later on (never know what may happen).
Who are you and why should I care?
Well... you don't have to care who I am persay. I'm just like any other schmuck on the internet with an opinion. To say that you need to care about what I say is completely in the air. A few things I realized in my past and up to now is that when I voice my opinions on current subjects, lets say a recent controversial arrest of a citizen or some mass event that has FOX and CNN foaming at the mouth, My opinion typically a bit uncommon. I tend to support things people don't. this leads my to the thought that I should share my thoughts on perhaps a larger scale. I've always thought that even if a person has a different thought from the masses, they should never be afraid to share those thoughts, even if people disagree with them.

What's your audience? Who are you aiming this at?

My intended audience has no limits. Like I said before, I'm just like any other schmuck on the internet with an opinion. I want to be as open with my thoughts as I can and not be influenced by others to think or say otherwise. I aim for any parties or groups who hold strong feelings for something and I incite any I speak about, back up, or oppose to read my posts and even reach out to me.

I intend to post on the blog at the very least once a week and try to work all this around my free time.

Any one who makes a donation for the blog with have their name (real or not real) posted at the end of every post as grtaditude.

Thank you for your consideration!

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If This gains enouph traction, I will condsider expanding my work to youtube and link my work with it.
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