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Hello! My name is Hayley Bowen and I'm an artist based in Kingston Upon Thames. I was born and grew up in Carmarthenshire Wales and attended Art College in West Wales and Cambridge before moving to London at 21 to follow dreams of being a successful artist and illustrator. Family inevitably took priority and I managed my art part-time until they grew up, I then  did various  Nursing and Healthcare work before deciding to do my art full-time after redundancy -all my spare time while not at work was taken up creating art, and I had been so miserable at work as I did not fit in with my co-workers.
  I was  living a life to please other people and fulfil their expectations, not mine. I was constantly in debt just for the sake of having a full-time job that turned out to be anything but secure. It was as though fate was constantly intervening, messing things up, and pointing me in the opposite direction. I had become ill with the stress of so many controlling people and situations. I decided to spend the rest of my life doing what I wanted as much as I possibly could. Many things and people had to go, and I do not regret it. Art was always my first love, my friend as I grew up, the one thing that made me proud of myself, as there was little to make me happy when I was a child. 
  My journey has not been an easy one, and I have encountered  pitfalls as well as some amazing highs, but an artists journey never ends, and feel I'm only just beginning to make some real progress although many people like to assure me that I'm successful so far. The financial constraint on productivity and opportunity is often pretty unbearable, and when you can't give people what they want, or join in with other artists, because overheads and domestic commitments, it can feel very disappointing.
I currently sell artwork online, with above average success, and without using paid for promotions, which makes me happy as this proves my work can speak for itself. I receive commissions, mainly for portraits, and backgrounds and I also get some needlework and costume/dressmaking commissions.. I often make jewellery and hats, which is something I do for relaxation as well as for sales. I cannot function properly unless I create.:-)
  I'm launching my Patreon in an attempt to fight back against restrictions, and to open up opportunities that before were a little out of reach, for many reasons (often because of my living expenses). I want to give supporters a return on their donation and investment, and some worthwhile and interesting experiences and insights as well as some great art, exhibitions and publications. My number one priority is seeing my art through its various stages to completion. There is nothing I dislike more than abandoning something I've started, so I don't ! 
  I would love it if you could join my page and offer your support. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my words and watch my video. Please check out my artwork on my social media links and website,  I'm always happy to answer any relevant questions.
Thank you again,

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