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is creating motorsport journalism on a (front) wing and a prayer
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About Hazel Southwell

I am a motorsport journalist - which is amazing for many reasons and quite trying for some others. Amazing, because I travel the world following Formula E around and trying because I work all the time and, uh, make very little money. 

I'm independent, which has massive personal costs associated to it as well as, frankly, some pretty horrible personal risk. Because I write about a niche series, I struggle to put together enough paying jobs - and sometimes to even find somewhere to place the work I create. The outcome is I spend a lot of time in hostels, on Ryanair and generally losing time and energy and sanity to the process of doing things on extremely hard mode.

I've been scraping stuff together for over a year now - and people kept asking whether I had a Patreon and it does actually seem like a good model for this, so here it is.

I am massively grateful to any backers - there will be exclusive content here, as well as links to everything I publish publicly.

That includes: videos, reports, answers to the great questions of racing (why are drivers like that?) and the all-important budget travel annals, race day diaries, extra gossip and fannish stuff that I like to think other journalists aren't cool enough to know about. Memes. The whole shebang. 

I don't write boring stuff. I hope, anyway - I write politically hot things like 'what it was actually like to go to Riyadh on my own as a woman' and also do jokes about batteries. I'm hoping to start my own small publication but the, uh, time is hard to find. A one-woman show with no transcription support and the need to work a day job in between races leaves me... not a lot of time. Or money. Or time to get money. You get the issue. 

I know more about budget travel than anyone I know. I know more about racing than most people. And the one thing I do know is that I know how to write. 

If you back me here, you get all that. And you get to help independent, offbeat motorsport journalism survive in a time when even tedious, gigantic stuff is failing. 
$105 of $500 per month
This gives me three days of free time a month, financially, to generate content for Patreons. And covers about half my travel budget for an average in-season month (yes, even on Ryanair) so means I can put myself in a position to have more time to make content. Fingers crossed, it would let me full-scale launch a site within a couple of months. 
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