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About HazyGameDev

I'm indie game developer working solo on my hack'n'slash isometric pixelart game. I'm also academic teacher, teaching hydraulics, programming and numerical modeling.

My patreon is mainly about pixelart and game development tutorials and resources which means sprite packs, scripts and shaders for you to use in your projects.

I'll post one free gif tutorial per week with additional resources for my Patrons. It could be about pixelart, game development in Unity, making shaders, animations or more programming focused. Topics will be suggested and voted on with two weeks treshold by you guys.

While i may not be the best game developer and pixelartist i'm pretty good teacher and in my opinion that's what is the most important part of passing knowledge to other people. Everything i learn and know will be put into high quality tutorials and every feedback, advices and comments will be taken into acount when making future content.

Every supporter gets more detailed version of tutorial with additional insight on the problem. If you pledge 5$/month or more you can download all files, scripts, shaders, sprites used in my tutorials.
Also each two weeks i'll release themed pixelart sprite pack for every 5$ Patrons.

Hopefully with your help i can focus on game development on daily basis, so if You like what i'm doing, enjoy tutorials and resources or just want to support my work on my game i'll be more than honored to recieve any support.

$1 of $500 per month
That amount allows me to release additional sprite packs every week instead of two weeks.
Also i'll be able to write devLog about making a game packed with advices my personal thought and solutions to problems i run into.
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