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Scout level obtained! you are now a scout in the hellion family and discord channel. now able to mention everyone and add reaction enmoji's in text chats! P.S keep an eye out for special giveaways!
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Warriors gain all past perks plus now able  to manage their nickname and use external emoji's in the discord server!
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The strongest warriors become frontliners, and with this comes all the past perks plus now able to attach files, invite others into the discord and muting other hellions (though it shouldnt have to come to that, deafening should suffice). not to mention a chance at joining me in game when i stream! 




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About Hellnight03

Hello my Hellions!! I am a Youtuber and streamer and welcome to my Patreon where you can help support the channel. Becoming a supporter to the hellion family means you will have access to some special rewards! admin status, moderator status in streams, chances in special giveaways etc. If any of you have any suggestions at all to what you'd like to see or tips please let me know!
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5 bucks a month. a small start but even one penny is greatly apreciated!
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