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About HealingLifefromWithin©

Raw Universal Spirituality at its Finest.
The Portrayal of a Half Truth from One Person's Point of View 

"Love is Life."
"Tell Your Truth how it should be told."
"Unconditional Love starts with an open Heartspace."
Nationally Accredited Empowerment Coach Reverend Raven Nightclaw HP

HealingLifefromWithin© is where Evolution is Revolution!
Where "Healing always begins form within."
and you can be part of this mission too!

        The Creator's Story:
         5th Generation Psychic Medium and Personal Empowerment Coach Robert Vilches( AKA  Rev. Raven Nightclaw, HP) started with an idea that began when he was a young child. He always loved to help people in any way that he could.  As with most energetically sensitive people (Super Hyper Sensitives), Raven found himself having a bit of a challenge getting to know people or even keeping friends as a young boy. His abilities made some people scared to even be around him at times. Family closed to him had shunned him for a very long time, and made him feel like the  black sheep, and life was very difficult to know what true unconditional love actually felt like at times. Now more than ever, Raven spends massive time living his life's purpose of helping people through spiritual mentoring, tarot and psychic readings, as well as advanced Reiki Healing being a 5th Level Reiki Master Teacher. He has gotten "Best of Tarot" since 2014 and truly loves helping those in need. He has two mottoes that says "Healing always begin from within" and  "Your thoughts, beliefs, actions and reactions create your reality". 

     Raven's Message to you: "I have created this account page to share my wisdom, experience, psychic abilities, gifts and wisdom to the public. I most  humbly ask that you help me in living my life purpose and soul mission. I truly have a passion for helping people of all walks of life! My grandfather always said that "If you do what you love; you won't have to work a day in your life."
(Your support, engagement and patronage is a privilege and an honor to have! You help is extremely pivotal to the success of this profile, with much gratitude to you in advance.)

What will you get here?
In this channel; you will find videos on many types of matters/subjects of the mind, body and spirit, but they are conducted with a universally spiritual ideology at the core of it. Videos on everything from the energy around us to more advanced things like, Unconditional Love, Weekly Channeled Messages, The Daily Tarot Reading, Education on Mental and Spiritual Evolution, Changing Life Patterns, Reprogramming Your Mind and so much more! We welcome a high amount of engagement with all of you. You don't have to be too shy to comment, or contact us about suggesting to us subjects that you would like him speak on that really hits home for you. You may also contact Raven for more one on one sessions, education or services as well, by going to fb.com/book/ReadingsbyRavenNightclaw/ and clicking either the "Services" Tab or clicking the "Book Now" button to see what he has to offer you privately.  Again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and your patronage. May you be blessed with abundance, wealth, prosperity and absolute unconditional love within this <nobr style="font-size: inherit">life cycle</nobr> of your life. We thank you again for watching and supporting our efforts to make the world a much better place for everyone in it. Love and light, Namaste'.

***The Best part of this is that as a contributing member, is that you contribution is your way of kick-starting your abundance and manifestation process by exchanging with me for the life changing content that I will be providing to you. Giving back is very important to getting what it is that you would like to have in life. "Everything that you send out, comes back to you in three's". 

We thank you so very much for your support, in advance, with love and gratitiude. Much gratitude to you and those that take the time to support those in doing their life's purpose. Namaste'
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