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About Fondé

How did you discover Healthy Words?

I've always enjoyed the magic, power and flexibility of words. Seeking the word "joy" and all that it means literally saved my life and granted me access to a positive state of mind. I was 18 years of age and could have only dreamt of the wonderful journey that quest would take me on. It would be 18 years later, 17 of those spent instructing creative-writing workshops, that I would find myself being led on this extraordinary discovery in language and the power of words.

I was standing in front of approximately 60 sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders preparing to create a walk of inspiration - inspirational messages in chalk - outlining their school on the sidewalk. I asked the group for a positive message, and they told me stop the violence. Years prior to this moment, I began to challenge students to communicate from a positive state of mind. Following that train of thought, I asked if anyone knew the opposite of violence. I waited. For the first five minutes I thought they were just giving me a hard time. It was in the next five minutes that their frustration, combined with my disbelief, revealed a silent epidemic.

First, none of those 60 sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders that day knew peace, tranquility, harmony and love are the opposite of violence. Second, and I believe most importantly, the overwhelming majority of students in underprivileged and at-risk environments lack a healthy literary diet and, therefore, do not have the necessary tools and vocabulary to combat unhealthy ideas, beliefs and choices - in essence, isolating them within a negative state of mind that can manifest itself in a variety of unfortunate outcomes. This discovery, combined with the request from a local boys' and girls' club to create a positive vocabulary-generating process, prompted me to create Healthy Words.

Some Benefits of Healthy Words

Provide millions of young people and their families with the necessary vocabulary to grant them access to a positive state of mind and beneficial ideas, beliefs and choices.

2. Improve self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-respect by improving one's self-talk.

3. Improve interpersonal dialogues by encouraging the use of positive vocabulary to describe one's self and others.

4. Instrumental in creating a core of confidence that limits, or even possibly illuminates and teaches us about, the negative impact of verbal assaults in person or via the Internet, thereby reducing the prevalence and harm of verbal bullying and promoting friendship.

5. Provides the necessary vocabulary to create positive personal, home and social environments, granting everyone with more opportunities for personal and collective success and prosity.

6. Encourages healthier mental, physical and dietary intelligence, creating opportunities for individuals and groups to live their optimum existence.

7. Instrumental in writing or editing an accurate personal narrative.

Thank you for supporting Healthy Words - Your patronage will ensure that I can dedicate my life to sharing Healthy Words with everyone in the world and will allow me to financially compensate the many talented individuals and organizations that aid me in creating products, materials, and methods to spread Healthy Words. Have a phenomenal day and give someone a Healthy Word!

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To create products that support, encourage, and increase positive ideas, dialogues and actions. For example Publish the next 2,000 copies of Healthy Words 101. 
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