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About William McKenna

I smoked the nasty sticks for over 20 years until I found vaping in October of 2014. Since then I decided to spend time spreading the word that vaping saves lives so I started Heathen Vape Reviews. I never expected it to be where it is today and I owe that all to you guys. I love vaping, not only has it saved my life but I have made life long friends that go way beyond vaping and that my friends is priceless. However running this channel is not.
Since starting my channel one year ago I must say that my content has gotten better. I always say that having a YouTube channel is an ever evolving process but I feel I have reached a limit. I have been using my cell phone to record, edit and upload all of my videos since day one. For me to break that barrier and to keep this channel evolving I am asking for your help for new equipment. I would like to purchase a new MacBook and Camera so I can continue to provide the best possible content.
Doing youtube videos is rewarding in every sense but monetary. Adsense is great but believe me, I put out more than I take in at this point. Having a stay at home wife and a 5 year old daughter while living on a fire fighter's salary, I honestly just can not afford new equipment. I would humbly appreciate your help by contributing a small monthly donation to my channel so I can continue to provide the best content possible.
I thank you for your time and remember #nobullshit
Slainte ;-)

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Whats up guys. I've set my first goal to 50patrons and when I reach that goal I will start to do Live Patreon Only Livestreams with live Giveaways. Just gotta figure out how to do it first lol. Almost there Alliance.
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