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A tiny peice of lettuce
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It's something right? But hey, at least you're a little piece of lettuce. Nothing can go wrong with that right? Well uhh thanks.

A quarter-ish piece of lettuce
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Something I'd toss in to the salad with tons of pieces. It's still something, don't you worry about it. You can sort of see something that I might post here though.

A half-ish piece of lettuce
per month

If I'm not blind yet, I might just be able to see big heccin' lettuces in the salad and chomp them up first. I know that sort of sounds wrong, but you can kind of get good stuff? Thanks anyway.




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About Hecking Channel

Well uhh, hey.

I usually make overused, unoriginal content for the sake of trying to keep myself alive and probably do more nonsensical stuff in the end. I'm not worried about so much things right now, but opportunities for a job that I wanted to go into is becoming a bit of a headache, and I wanted to make sure I get a backup plan just in case my original job goes flopping over the deck.

So yeah, throw in your pennies here if you want. I mean I'll continue to make stuff even without any money, that's usually how I tend to spend much of my free time. But if you're actually going to do so, I won't hesitate to disclose where all your thrown money gets to so that you don't have to worry about anything. So yeah. Heck.
$0 of $5 per month
I have no idea why this is my first goal, but it's probably something. I'll probably use five bucks to buy a cheeseburger and dump the rest of it to the bank. No worries. I think.
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