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About Dennis van der Boon

I have been an Amiga enthusiast since 1991 after I sold my C64.

Currently I am having fun in giving WarpOS a second life on the classic Amiga. WarpOS was a kernel designed to interface with the Phase 5 PPC cards (Cyberstorm/BlizzardPPC) running a PowerPC chip next to the original 68k chip. This PowerPC chip could be used to off-load heavy duty tasks which the 68k chip could not handle (e.g. MP3 decoding, 3D games).

I created an interface to various (previous) off-the-shelf PowerPC cards (Mac accelerators, telecom PMC cards, Network cards) so they can be added to the Amiga to run WarpOS on them and hence most of its software library.

On top of that I am an enabler for other people to create new ports and programs for the WarpOS kernel by maintaining the Newlib, SDL and various other WarpOS targeted C libraries. Currently Quake 3 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein are some of the 3D games that can be played.

More info, including movies, can be seen on my blogger page!

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