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About Heiphyn

Hey friends and fans! Welcome to my page!

First off, I’d like to say that there are so many projects that never see the light of day that I’m sure you guys would love. And, well, Patreon is the perfect place!

Second of all, YouTube has a really crummy policy when it comes to making money, and long story short, I have to wait until I’m 18 to see any sort of income from my channel whatsoever.

I know, I know, YouTube shouldn’t be about the money, but it really helps to have a motivation to keep creating for you guys! 

By supporting me, you’ll help me publish videos more frequently (if you think my stuff is THAT good) and become more of a YouTube mainstay. Not to mention that I have college coming up, so I need as much I can get to buy food. :(

I appreciate all the love I’ve gotten so far, and if I’m actually able to garner some support on here, it will help me realize all the more that people want to see more of my content.

- Thanks guys!

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