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Hi there! I’m Helen and I’m a cosplayer and I love sewing. This sounds like a support group now, I guess it kinda is?

(Photo by 86th Floor)

I started making costumes in 2011, when there weren’t many resources online for cosplayers, and the only sewing help I had was mum. Because I was only able to make one costume a year back then, I would spend the year doing research on how to make it, practicing sewing and reading up on new techniques. 
Because of this I’ve always taken my time and paced myself making costumes. I’ll never be the first person to make a particular costume, and I won’t make something the night before the event. But I’ll do my best to make it perfect.

(Cheshire Cat by Matt Elliott, Bulbasaur by Pipa Wolf) 
I’ve since had 5 formal years sewing training, which has taught me how to do everything “properly”, and mixing this with my self-taught knowledge, I’ve found my niche. Sewing.
I am able to craft other items, I’ve lots of experience with wigs, Worbla, prop making, Silversmithing and even making my own Tiara; but my real love is sitting down with a piece of needlework and putting a few hundred hours into a piece.
While I’ll complain how slow it is, I’ll revel in a bit of smocking I can work on, or sitting and doing goldwork or spend days couching beads and embroidering a design. I love to watch things grow in my hands, and then to see it on a garment and glow with pride.

So why become a patron?
I enjoy teaching people how to do the things I can do. I get really excited to see peoples work, and I’ll always try to help you as much as I can, as if I was telling my 16-year old self what to do.
I’ve spent a long time in formal training too, so I have a lot of tricks and things that I know which you don’t learn if you are self-taught. So I want to share the best of these, so you can improve without having to sit through 5 years of classes.

I want you to understand why I’m making choices on my costumes, not just how I’m doing it. So I plan on explaining all the theory behind my work, and talking through options.

I hope from me you can learn about fitting, fabric compisitons, structural sewing, fabric dyes, weaves, and the theory behind my choices, so you can take this into your own projects.

What am I doing:
I plan on making video tutorials at least once a month on crafting, sewing, patterning and general sewing.
I will also create short videos on the theory behind projects, such as explaining how different dyed effect materials, or why you might chose a Lycra blend woven fabric over a knit.
I will also be doing photo tutorials for you to follow.

I’ll be available to help you improve, feel free to ask me questions for help, be it simply fixing machine tension, to how to make a ridiculous plunge corset pattern, or even a giant ballgown the size of a small car, I’ll be here to help however I can.
You get access to my competition progress books, so you can see how I make and present all my costumes.
You will also be able to access some of the patterns I use, and I'll go through the process of how you can fit them to yourself, and how to sew them.

Where does the money go?
The money pledged will go into materials and supplies for the tutorials and guides. It also goes into the equipment I use to document all of this. Every penny pledged will be going back into the costumes, into the tutorials, and then that knowledge will go back into your work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this through!

Already Uploaded:
Zeldas Full workbook and armour patterns
24" Underbust corset pattern.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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