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Hi, I'm Helen. I do a bunch of things (writing, coaching, speaking, spiritual direction) but they are all based on the idea that we really can experience life in all its fullness.

I seek to help all people everywhere know that they matter, that they are more connected to each other than they think, that we have <g>choice</g> about who we are becoming and about the lives we live, the careers we pursue and the way we impact those around us.

I am deeply passionate about faith and my background is the Christian tradition so a lot of my work comes from that worldview, although in recent years I have chosen to move away from the religion that modern Western Christianity has become as it is less and less resonant with my experience of the Divine. I am fascinated in learning from other worldviews and faith perspectives - whilst recognizing that my experience is what it is, and will probably always be a part of the perspective I come from.

I love learning and ideas, I love the deconstruction and evolution of thought. I love using the things I learn to inform the work I offer in the world to individuals, couples, teams and organisations.

I've been called a self-help junkie. I probably am. I always have 15 books on the go and 9 new podcasts that are blowing my mind. I love to pioneer new ideas and open the doors that keep people stuck to help them find freedom and authenticity in their lives.

I'd love to hear from you, so please reach out and say 'hi'.
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