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I make glitch videos and videos of modded games. Right now I'm having trouble paying for all of my expenses; Patreon money will help pay for games, and computer hardware (like better graphics cards for higher quality videos), as well as replacement parts if anything I use breaks. Since my videos vary in length and quality by such a big amount, I'm doing a monthly pledge system. If you aren't satisfied by the content I put out for a certain month, don't hesitate to unpledge for the next month, but if you really like the content for the next month, pledge for the month after that. Having people pledge in general will motivate me to keep up with my channel; keep in mind there's only so much I can do though, the quality and amount of my uploads depends on how much funny content I can find or create in games. If I run out of stuff to do, I don't have very many options except to keep looking. Being able to pay for more games will definitely help with that though.

EDIT: I have gotten a job and don't have time to make videos anymore. I will no longer be charging my patrons.

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