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  • Donating 1$ per month is good enough. I don't want to force anyone to donate more or to donate at all, but for those who want to help just a little bit, 1$ is enough to keep me going towards my goal to upgrade PC, buy new games to Roleplay them, improve internet and upload more videos per week. Know that your support is appreciated.

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  • For Raiders that want to contribute more, 5$ is of big help. It makes this miserable bastard to appreciate his creation and to know that his work is not for nothing. That there are people out there who need HellsDeathclaw and want him to sit his ass on chair and make more videos , so that he can be happy by making his family of Raiders happy. Again nobody is forced into this, but for people that want to go with it, know that I greatly appreciated your help. Long and happy life to you Raiders.

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  • This is the top, no more is needed. Raider who absolutely love my work and want to speed up time for me to improve my work then 10$ is for now the best you can do.  Thank you so much you sexy, bloodthirsty,  Wasteland killer! Long live Raiders! 

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About HellsDeathclaw

Who am I and what do I do?

I am HellsDeathclaw a roleplayer on my YouTube channel. Games that I roleplay are a ones where protagonist doesn't have voice actor, so it gives me an chance to give life to that protagonist and to roleplay him in the game such as Fallout 3, Call of Duty, Far Cry 2 and so on. When I was young I loved to act some of my favorite move parts, also used to write fanfiction books creating my own stories of my protagonist and I always loved to roleplay many thing in games. So in the end I ended up on YouTube creating videos, roleplaying character in games like Fallout  3 ( the big roleplaying game on my channel) and creating there lives and stories. Important thing is having fun, creating what I love and making others happy with my work and roleplaying.

Where does money that I earn on Patreon go?

Donated money on Patreon will go on improving quality of videos, better voice recording, getting better programs for editing videos, upgrading PC, buying next games for roleplaying, creating more videos per week and getting better internet for faster uploading and streaming games. One day when I improve my channel I'll start traveling around world to meet my fans and to have fun with them.
$0 of $100 per month
If I ever reach this amount per month before I earn money from job ( if I get one) I will buy new PC, better internet and start streaming on Twitch. If in case I buy PC from jobs money I will invest donation on internet speed, paying bills for my house and slowly gather money for Raider meetings. That's right I want to travel across the world and meet my Raider family, because without you guys I would be nothing, just another depressed person ungrateful for his life.
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