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  One for each centurion (59–60), they were appointed by the centurion from within the ranks to act as his second in command and were paid twice the basic wage. Equivalent to a modern First Sergeant or Lieutenant 
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 The rank of centurion was an officer grade that included many ranks, meaning centurions had very good prospects for promotion 
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  Each legion had five lower ranking tribunes, who were normally from the equestrian class and had at least some years of prior military experience. 




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Age: 38
Location: San Diego
I am streaming part time to create a community and make friends. I spend my days in uniform for the US Navy, and I spend my night crushing my foes!
Games: WOW, Hearthstone, HOI, Total War, XCOM, EUIV, CKII, and pretty much anything Strategy related with some other things thrown in!
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