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Walmart Shoes
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You get nothing out of this since I'm too busy, but you have my sincere thanks! They're scuffed anyway.
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I will make you an unrefined sketch of anything that you choose (as long as its not too complicated), and you get a patreon role in the Helmet Harold Discord.
Includes Discord rewards
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This tier gets you a refined colorless sketch of any character you want! It doesn't matter what game or show they're from, as well as the Patreon role in my Discord.




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About Jacob Gurule

My name is Jacob Gurule. I am currently 15 years old and live in Austin Texas. I struggle to find time for myself because everyday I have to balance streaming for 6 hours a day and animating, and it gets tiring very quickly. I made this Patreon to hopefully make enough money to buy better equipment to make the animating process faster so I can get more stream time, and me time.
$0 of $100 per month
This will allow me to start slowly saving up for stuff like a better tablet, animation and drawing programs to make higher quality stuff in a shorter amount of time because my tablet and animation programs are scuffed.
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