is creating simple edited videos of game commentary and more.

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Who are you?
Hey there, I'm Inter dimensional being and I'm the person behind my created character Heme - little purple being. You will find me on Twitch and YouTube under this name (Heme2g).
So why am I here on Patreon?
Well, because at the time I have only part time job and still would love to create new content on YouTube and Twitch. This campaign should help me achieve that because e-begging is the thing.

I will be honest with you I would love to start releasing new videos on YouTube at least once or twice per week. And maintain steady schedule for streaming on Twitch. But that is not happening right now. My sincere interest in strategic board games, newest technology achievements and computer gaming constantly keeps me up to date on what is happening in the world. So, there is this urge to share that knowlegde with everyone.
Next to all of that I like to edit and make videos. But then I face this problem: I have no proper equipment to achieve it and release my content.

How does Patreon work and
what do I get out of it?
To be clear this is an option for those that would like to trust me and help me if you feel like it! You can pledge $1 (or any amount) each month for however long you desire. This will help Heme2g to improve in quality and achieve everything I plan right now. Your subscription can be edited or cancelled at any time. At the time I can offer only detailed feedback on Patreon page.

Why are you doing this?
To be able to release my video I need good enough microphone and setup for it. Also, I have no Ad revenue. I would like to do it as a full-time job, but I can’t because I have no revenue so, there is no money income. That leads me to the wall that I would love to overcome with your help. So Patreon for me would be a platform that allows achievement of my dream by e-begging. More people pledge here, more will go in to upgrading my work place, releasing new videos, streams, improving my life and quality of content.

What happens now?
At the time I have set couple of goals:
1. $450 – this achievement unlocks for me new microphone equipment with couple of other upgrades, this would push out more YouTube Videos. 😊
2. $1500 monthly – allows me to dedicate almost all my time in creating steady flow of streams and videos.
3. $3000 monthly – I can now work Twitch and YouTube full time. THAT MEANS EVERYTHING for me.
4. $4000+ monthly – allows me to upgrade everything I have and achieve better quality and more.

$0 of $450 per month
This is my first and most important GOAL. After reaching 450$ I will buy upgrades for my setup then upload more YouTube videos. Next to all of this I will share all updates about what is happening and what are my next plans.
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