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Feelin' The Vybe
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-You can view my Patreon only blog posts 

-A link to podcasts available and Videos (non-early viewing)

-View upcoming events && I'll give a shoutout via social media to say thank you (s/o done on bi-weekly/monthly basis)

Likin' Them Vybez
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Everything in the Base Tier, plus:

-Early access to the new podcasts/videos (before publicly available)

-'Like' level Members Access to voting for Henny tings (new music, song titles/releases and cover)

-Earlier ticket sales and 'Like' Level discounts

-Quarterly Swag/freebies/member spotlight to be contacted, from Henny

Love Me Some Vybez
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Everything in the previous tiers, plus:

- Special 'Love Me' Every other Month free Swag/gifts

- Member Only Feedback/Polls && Voting: including the chance to request covers, public or privately sent depending on the level or pledge

- 'Love Me' Level discounts/access, etc for events

- 'Love Me pre/post show Meet Ups (Must be at show physically to redeem)

- 'Love Me' Level Chat/Community access ***

- Artist-to-Artist Connection***: Connect directly on a bi-weekly/monthly basis and you'll be included to a special group with other creatives && get feedback, network and possibly collaborate with yours truly.. 

- Henny Contact***: I'll choose one Patreon each month && either give you a call, video call or send you a handwritten letter 

(Choice is given to Patreon for redemption)

***must be pledged for at least 3 months to access***




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About Henny Marie Enterprises

A Little Tea on Henny Marie:

With this Patreon I really desire to give my TRUE listeners && appreciators of my art a chance to know and connect with Henny beyond the stage, aka Hannah. I have many layers and many things that drive me forward in my endeavors. This outlet, I feel will give me a chance to truly connect on a more personable (and semi/somewhat more controlled) social media platform.

On here, you can read my blog posts, get updates on new music that is coming out AND preview/download before the general public, you'll get event announcement (with discounts for just my Patreon 'Vyberz'), my very own personally curated playlist, a podcast (coming VERY soon), video blog (first viewing) and so much more. 

I wholeheartedly believe that the beauty that is Henny Marie pierces through to every relationship formed and every performance given. My desire is to continue using my art in its various forms as the fuel me to keep going and to always push harder than the time before.
I am an artist, a creator, an entrepreneur, and an optimist and my number one priority is to connect with you!

This Patreon, of course, helps me in a financial aspect in funding future projects, events, travel and other needs with this enterprise (which will be expanding out, which you'll hear about here first!). This also helps me with actually creating a bond with people through my music with people I know support me though, too and more than the money, this is my number one priority in creating this.
I hope to connect && vybe with you soon!
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Once I reach my goal of 150 Vyberz I will commit to making monthly videos/covers that are ONLY for my Patreon community
(Highest tiers will be able to view first and the base level will have access to the videos afterwards. Will most likely be on a private Patreon YouTube Channel//Soundcloud that I'll create)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post