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About Heracles8

Hi guys, Hera here. I'm a 23 year old guy from England and i'm putting 100% of my time into furthering my YouTube and League of Legends Career. I hesitated to make a Patreon page but its become clear that, although i sincerely love Content Creation, it doesn't make enough money to make it financially viable. I've made this Patreon page so that, if you like my content and you want to see it continued, you can help me continue to make it. It's coming to the point where, in the near future, i will have to make a decision about whether i can afford to continue to pour my time and effort into this.

Hopefully, with you guys supporting me and my Channel, we can continue to smash out content and grow in the community.
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Hitting the $100 per month mark would be an incredible milestone in my Youtube/League Career. This will enable me to further my Content Creation and contribute massively towards helping the Channel Grow! 

I'm also going to be looking to purchase some nice Lighting so i can start bringing you guys cleaner Vlog/Update videos!
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