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Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) is such a vibrant field which is developing fast. Herbert Schmidt has over 20 years of experience in reconstructing, teaching and writing about HEMA. 

Now there is a new way to stay on top of the development in the field of HEMA. 

So far there were books, websites, blogs and articles about certain manuscripts (Fechtbücher) or weapons. This series of books will get at things from a new angle. Instead of focusing on manuscripts or weapons, this series focuses on ideas.

Each small book will cover one question, one idea or one problem in depth. 
Several experts worldwide will be invited to write an article on this single question and the answers will be published in a small book. 

These books are aimed to be fairly priced, available and easy to use. 
Low cost – high quality content and constant revising of the content.

Over time this will evolve into a library of insights into all sorts of topics regarding the Historical European Martial Arts.

Make it happen now! Become part of it! Make the life of HEMA martial artists easier.
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When € 200,– per month are reached then I will be able to do the books in colour instead of black&white.
More experts will be included.
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