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We cannot walk a path unless we begin at the beginning but first we stand still and contemplate whats before us. We cannot play a song unless we tune each string on the keys of our piano but to tune it we need to understand it, to stop and look at what it is we play. To paint a landscape we need to know each colour of the rainbow however before all this we must stand still and take in our view.

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Walk the path the way it is laid out for if you try to run when you can barely crawl you will never win a race.





The human being is a complex machine, combining consciousness with a bio-electrical machine to form man in the physical world, but man as with all things, exists on other dimensions that do not appear to be perceivable to us at first. With Quantum Physics we see a link between matter in its finest forms and consciousness itself.

In order to function in this world we become members so to speak of society, we learn from those around us and by thinking about our problems to grow and learn as humans in this society. This learning is happenstance in most humans and is a result of life and its experiences and how they are handled by ourselves and those around us we learn from.

But in order to function as we are intended, as our capabilities actually dictate, we must in many cases stop, look at ourselves, look at what is useless, what is useful and what is detrimental or elemental in our progression as man and as part of mankind and earth as our home. We must strip away the parts of ourselves that are no longer serving our grater good and advance to a level of human that is more than just an animal running on unconscious desires and compulsions.

The Hermetics of old knew this and more than this, all is mind, correspondence, vibration, polarity,
rhythm, cause and effect, and gender.

With diet, breath, and personal coaching and therapy targeted at both the conscious and unconscious minds at the same time we can re-present the ideas that cause issues in life from new directions and allow your mind to comprehend them on a new level of awareness.

As a Patreon supporter you will have access to recorded meditations that include breath work, daily routine, confidence, anxiety control, procrastination to productivity, will and focus development at the base tier.

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At the end of the day I have been through life’s ups and downs, broken home, no food, autism spectrum disorder, bipolar type symptoms, self harm, terminal disease and family loss. I learned how to access the happy state at will by the way I speak to myself in my head and the way that we all do but most of us are not aware of what we say or not aware of how to control and use that voice for good. These are the tools I share with you, as well as the tools for the next levels of the internal work.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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