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No kingdom can run without it’s villagers! Thank you for joining the community! You get access to the Patron-only devlog where you get to see everything that goes into the game development process!

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Your reach across the battlefield grants you early access to every game I make before it is released to the public!

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 Lifetime Supporter! Where would a kingdom be without it’s knights?! Your commitment to our cause will forever be remembered by having your name in the credits of every game I create!
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About Hero Power Entertainment

Welcome to the Kingdom! My name is Nick Lozano and I am embarking on a lifelong adventure of creating indie games as an independent game developer!

Around 2014 I started learning to make Flash games. I loved it so much I got an AS in Computer Game Development. Upon graduating I decided I didn't want to become another cog in the big AAA factory machine and went indie!

So...what's your plan?
I have a passion for programming and my game development program was heavily art-sided; so, my goal thus far is to make a bunch of tiny games in Unity while teaching myself C#.

Why Patreon?
By now we all know what Patreon is for: a way to support a creator who's work you enjoy. Yes, your support will greatly aid me on this endeavor, but I want it to be more than that - I want it to be about community. I want you guys to join me on my adventure as an indie game developer. I want you there with me through each of my successes and failures (and there will likely be plenty of those :P). I want us to grow together, share ideas, support one another's crafts, and be the best kick ass people we can be!

Within the indie game development community, I see so many creators releasing their games for free on platforms such as itchio and Game Jolt under the "pay what you want" model. From what I've noticed they are often solo creators learning to make games, like myself, and I would love to help support them! I plan to use 10% of all funds accumulated through this Patreon to help support fellow indie game developers.
$14 of $25 per game
We will be able to purchase assets from the Unity store! This will better help streamline the game development pipeline and improve the overall quality of the games with things like full controller support! 
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