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is creating a high-level tournament circuit for Heroes of the Storm.

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With the announcement of the end of the HGC, we are taking up the reigns of high-level organized play. 

It will take time for us to put this together, but we’re going to do it and -- as is our way -- we will start modestly and build up. We will continue to update this Patreon and our blog with news and developments as we dig into things, but we will have something actionable to share in the coming weeks.

HeroesHearth is not going anywhere. Between the site, our partners, our streamers, and the community, we will continue to create great Twitch and YouTube content for Heroes of the Storm as long as you are willing to watch, read, and have fun with us.

Read our full statement here.

How It Will Work

Step 1: Invitational Tournament with a Prize Pool

This will be our "prove it" event where we work out the kinks and determine community interest, take feedback, and develop the event further to a higher level of quality. The tournament will be comprised of 8 teams with prize support going to the Top 4. HHE will provide a minimum prize pool of $500.

Step 2: HeroesHearth Circuit

From there, we will move on to developing a series of major events that will focus on a deeper run of competitive play. With the Invitational as a proof-of-concept event, we will pursue sponsorships to develop production. The circuit will be comprised of 8 teams with prize support going to all 8 teams, weighted at the top. The series would be seasonal and last 5-6 weeks. HHE will provide a minimum prize pool of $1,000. 

Step 3: Full League Play

The dream. A season-long professional league complete with player support and a playoff run for the cup. The league will be comprised of 8 teams initially. Each player will receive a salary from the overall 70% player split, divided equally amongst the 40 players. The finals prize will be contributed by HHE and will be TBD until launch.

How Will Money Work?

Each $1 that is contributed to this Patreon will be split 70/30:

- 70% to the Players and Prize Support
- 30% to the Admins, Casters, Producers, Organizers

Where Can I Watch?

$0 of $3,000 per month
We will be able to host one Invitational Tournament. 
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