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Because you're awesome like that. A superhero always needs people to save. So here's a nod from me to you and some gratitude. Plus access to exclusive content here on Patreon and a shout out on Webtoons after each comic book update. 
Hero In Training
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All heroes need to start somewhere. What superpowers do you have? Well if you're still figuring it out, maybe this can help you:

1. Get a digital copy of the never before released Frostbite.  

2. Plus Civilian Level rewards. 

Side Kick Level (Because every hero needs a sidekick)
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Congrats, you've made it to the Side-Kick level. Every Hero needs a trusty side kick. So why not shadow someone who know's what they're doing, right? To get you started:

1. Exclusive Wallpaper (New Wallpaper sent to you every month you are a patron)

2. Hero In Training rewards

3. Civilian Rewards. 




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