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"Help me bring common sense back to a world that has lost its mind."

In a time where masculinity is becoming a lost art, boys are growing up without fathers, being left to fend for themselves in a world they weren't prepared to thrive in, Heroic Concepts is dedicated to showing men how to move in a world full of vultures.

Since starting my youtube channel one year ago, my goal has been to fill in your knowledge gaps, give structure to your life experiences so they're not so random, and ultimately help men better understand themselves to be better friends, fathers, & natural leaders in their romantic relationships. I'm motivational, but my aim is always to be a practitioner. I want to move people with my words, but also give them steps and guidelines on how to get where they need to go.

I've always been a creator. I loved to create characters. I figured what better thing to do with my life than transform myself into the very thing I idolize. I became my own hero and along the way, I fixed a lot of the other lagging areas in my life. While I'm still a work in progress, I can see the results. Being driven by results has led me down a path of no return. I can no longer go back to my old ways and feel comfort. I have experienced a small taste of what it feels like to be more than human. Being 'superhuman' and what I mean by that is to rise above the norm. To define your vision of "freedom" and make it a reality.

For a guy who comes from a broken home, I can honestly say I developed a real sense of self belief in what I can achieve and finally say that my life has direction. This is a feeling that I want others to feel.

By covering various topics, I hope to add some structure to your experiences so life doesn't feel so random to you. By encouraging others, through practical tips, techniques, and motivation, my goal is to help you feel more secure in yourself. To embrace your inner savage, harness that energy and use it to forge your own path through this Earth.

I'm a one man show, so it takes me time to give well thought out advice, record, edit, etc. Obviously, my time is not free, which is why I only do one or two videos a week. Your monthly donation will allow me to have more time to help you and others.

If you invest in me, I will devote the bulk of my time & energy in continuing to add value to your lives.
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This will free up a great deal of my time to provide you all with more content.
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