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 1$ might not seem much to you, but to me this already means soooo much to me... Thank you :) 
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 5$... Damn, thats like 5 cups of coffe ur giving up on this month :D Thank you so much :)
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About Hexa

So as you might know, Im Hexa, a.k.a. Max, Im 18 years old, and Im creating music. I just made this patreon if I ever become big/good enough that people are going to buy my work, for the beginning I won´t be posting here much... except for some FLP´s if you´re interested in that stuff, I don´t want your money, I don´t even want you to buy my music right now, no-one is forced to buy my music, on the contrary, I don´t want you to buy my music, 1st because I don´t even like it myself at that point, and because I would feel guilty, pls don´t buy my music now, Im just playing around and want to have fun making music. I hope y´all enjoy my music, u can listen to the stuff I made and uploaded so far on soundcloud.com/imhexa
have a nice day :)

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