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About Noel Ruppenthal

I am a 2D TV animator by trade, though my college studies at Algonquin College in Ottawa Canada focused on 3D animation in Maya.

I've worked for Mercury Filmworks animating "Jake and the Neverland Pirates", "Penn Zero Part Time Hero", and "the Lion Guard", and also for Jam Filled Entertainment animating "the Loud House."  Right now, however, I'm unemployed and need some support. 

At present, my biggest focus is to develop the Hyperbeing Universe, which is a Science Fiction / Superhero universe that I've been toying with off and on since high school in the mid 2000s.  I've started a wiki to help organize my world-building, but I also have a deviant art page with some of my early concepts that I created in high school, and early college.

I'm super uncertain about my future at present.  I'm asking for help with both money and guidance.  I'll try to update this page with new developments of my Universe, and hope that the content is interesting enough for my patrons, and even read criticisms, and take them into consideration in my work going forward.

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