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Crew Chiefs maintain the aircraft. They are the foundation. I'll mail you a Hey Eng sticker. Must live in the US, sorry.
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About Jim Meyer

Hey Eng!

Short for “Hey Engineer!”

I write about being a flight engineer.

Thank you for coming to this page!

I got into this blog thing accidentally. I had to create a blog for a college class in the web developer program I was in. The VA suggested I go back to school to get some current skills. I was not finding employment after my military career was cut short due to medical issues. I like to write and tell stories. Patreon will enable me to write and share my stories and videos.

Thanks again for making your way to this page. I'm glad people are interested in what I have to say.
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When I get to this goal I'll be able to work less. I'll be able to create videos and write more. I'll be able to get a video and blog post out every other week on a regular basis.
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