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About HeyJosh Vlogs

Who am I?

Hey guys, its Wolfer and I make videos on Youtube, steam video games, and do podcasts!

I tend to do trailer reactions…a lot of trailer reactions. 😅

Yeah, I know, but hey, if you don’t like trailer reactions, don’t worry cause I also host my own podcast every single week!

I also make random videos like try not to laugh challenges, let’s plays, and other stuff.

I usually stream Fridays on Twitch and Youtube gaming!

Yeah, I do a little bit of everything when it comes to gaming and I love what I do so I hope you do too!

Why support me?

Listen, I’m not going on a whole speal about how I need money to maintain my content. Honestly. it’s not very expensive once you purchase the equipment and I would’ve done that anyway because I love what I’m doing!

That being said, I got big dreams!

I want to make bigger and better content.
I want to pay my best friend who’s currently co-hosting my podcasts for free.
I want to dedicate more time and effort to Youtube and Twitch as a whole.
I want to cover big events gaming like E3 and Pax East.
I would absolutely love to have an office for videos one day.

Unfortunately, all this cost money...a lot of money.

So please, if you want to see me fulfill my dream of creating epic content or you just like what I do, support my Patreon!
$5 of $100 per month
At this monthly earnings amount I would begin purchasing better AV equipment such as mics, webcams, vlogging cameras, etc. 
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