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About Missing Worlds Media (Publishing)

Howdy. This is Warcabbit from City of Titans.

We’ve got a lot of talented writers, and a lot of talented artists. Some of the most talented, though, need a little money in their lives - they’re willing to work for us, but they need the dough. So, we’ve done a fifty-fifty deal with them.

You get a great comic about a fantastic character I’m really pumped about. And the people who wanted to support us after the kickstarter closed get somewhere to put a little cash.

Even better, the constraints of telling the comic’s story will help us design the city better - what parts look right, what parts don’t. Basically, everything you see is concept art for us.

Right now, we have two prototype titles - a heroic one about a kid who just wants to be fun that goes by the name of 'Hijinx', and something inspired pretty heavily by Secret Six that's on the flip side. We're thinking of calling that one 'Breakout', but it might change. We've got a lot of hope for these comics - Hijinx especially, it's the story of a teenager who gets pretty great powers and doesn't really give a flip about responsibility. Not a bad kid, just... well, hey, if you had crazy luck powers, wouldn't you go have a little fun? That's what she thinks, anyhow. Let's see what happens next.

We hope you like them, and we hope we can keep producing the comics. 

(Hijinx is being produced by Tom 'Kid Dynamo' Stillwell, writer behind the Fangirl comic ( https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/522162244/fangirl) as well as his own Spinner Rack Comics, and Dale 'Black Gold' Yaddow, doing art, lettering, and coloring .)
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