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About Paul Looyen

My name is Paul and have been a science educator for over 24 years, both in Australia and USA.
What started out as providing resources for my students of Physics has grown into producing videos that covers many disciplines of Physics. 
They are pitched at the high school student, so that any student from year 9 and beyond can access the content.

My desire to make my videos accessible and free to 
a) students
- who may need extra support in their classroom
- who live remotely and are unable to access good educators
- who are in first year university and need a quick recap of the content they learnt in school or simply, 
- who simply want to learn more about physics because it interests them
b) educators
- who have just started teaching physics and can use a helping hand or want to get ideas for their teaching
- who wish to develop a flipped learning approach and want access to good physics content that is appropriate for the classroom.

The goal for sponsorship is remove the need of advertising and allow me to develop more video with increasing production standards and equipment.

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