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About Heather at Highway Mind

Science and civics off of social media echo chambers and onto the highways of our nation.

Highway Minds is a new reaction to an increasing problem. We are disassociating science from our regular activity and losing our community knowledge of the value and usefulness of all sciences in our lives.

A simple idea borrowed from neighbors and colleagues of faith who have added religious reminders along the highway. Not inflammatory but simply existing – reminding the faithful of their community and those who don’t practice that the opportunity exists.

Highway Minds is a Patreon funded project designed to place billboards across the nation with simple, approachable reminders of what science and civics do for us every day. Short, evidence based statements that connect to the lived experiences of the readers are vital to this endeavor.

Some levels of support also include voting rights both for the messages and locations for billboards.

Thank you for helping bring science and civics to the highways.
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At $250 month our first billboard will be up in 5-6 months and we will be able to set up an additional billboard quarterly thereafter.
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