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About Hilary Scott

You look like someone who wants to make magic happen! Welcome to my Patreon page, where we can do that together. My goal with my music has always been to hit people where it hurts so good; your mind and heart. Help me give you MORE!!

I have been weaving musical and lyrical Americana tapestries for more than fifteen years, recording and touring in North America, Europe, the U.K. and Asia. While I've had an amazing journey so far that includes 11 studio albums, and some really cool awards and nominations for my songs and music, Patreon, and your donation of as little as $2.00 will help me create more original music, record more videos, and reach more listeners. I always strive to give fans a unique experience, and with Patreon you will have a front seat to my newest creations, and you will see and hear them FIRST!

When you become my patron, you're saying you believe in the power and importance of music. Yes, music in general, but specifically MY music. What an honor. The most important and meaningful thing I've ever heard from listeners is that my music moves them, helps them through hard times, helps them express something they couldn't find words for, or provides a soundtrack for their life. Let's do more of this together! 

I plan on doing between 1-3 creations a month, so remember you can set a donation limit, if you need to do that!

In case you're interested in all my career shenanigans, here are the highlights: (for my full bio, you can always check out my website at http://www.hilaryscott.com)

- Current double-nominee in the Female Singer-Songwriter category for Just Plain Folk Awards 
- 2014 Folk/Americana Album of the Year from NTCMA
- 2015 Vintage Folk Album of the Year from Rural Roots Music Commission
- Finalist, UK Songwriting Competition for "Didn't Make it Alive"
- Best Song at Festival Degli Autori - San Remo, Italy
- Over 100,000 plays on Spotify
- Music for Gideon The Pitbull rescue video with over 3 million views (http://youtu.be/O0IqNFsbusc)
- Support for Chuck Berry, Little Feat, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Tanya Tucker, Dave Alvin, Beth Orton, Jonatha Brooke, Samantha Fish
$167 of $300 per MP3, video, etc. (1-3 per month)
Wow! $300 per song is really something! What does it help me achieve? Well, it is certainly a wonderful motivator for me to keep writing more original music. It will also be used toward funding our next record, and our next official video, and more merchandise for you to enjoy, oh yeah!
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