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  • Exclusive content and screenshots.
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  •  Discord role.
  • Access to The Senate, a private Discord channel. 
  • Vote on stuff for the game. 
  • Dev Diary emails and other news.
  • Exclusive content and screenshots.
  • Historia Realis Wallpapers.
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  • All previous rewards.
  • Steam key: Painters Guild (-50% OFF).
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About Lucas Molina

Hi, my name is Lucas and I'm the developer of Historia Realis: Roma.

Historia Realis: Roma is a game about being a roman during the Republic. You can start as a minor plebeian and rise through roman society, or start as Julius Caesar and try to do things differently (like not getting murdered). It's still in development.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a site that allows you to make monthly contributions to a creator, becoming their "patron". In return, you get cool rewards. “Patron” is taken from the Latin word “patronus”, who was a protector and supporter of a person in Ancient Rome. In their relationship, they exchanged favors, like money for votes.

Here, we’ll do money for games and cool rewards!

How often will I end up paying?
This Patreon is monthly with up front payments. That means you will be charged on the day you pledge, and then on the first day of each following month. Yes, it’s weird. I don’t advise pledging at the end of the month, because you’ll kind of end up paying twice. So make your pledge at the beginning of the month if you don’t want that. The payments are up front so that I can send out your Steam keys quickly, as soon as payment is confirmed.

Why do you need the money?
I quit my job as a History teacher to follow my dream of being a game developer. Turns out most indie games don’t make a lot of money! In most months, I don’t meet my minimum payment threshold on Steam, which means I get paid $0.

So I need money to eat, live and pursue this dream.

What's in it for me?
Many rewards! There are a bunch of privileges, Steam keys and access to the Historia Realis: Roma alpha (and the full game). Check the tiers and find one that suits you!

What is Discord?
A chat platform where we have a community. Join our Discord here!

What is Painters Guild?
A game you can get by becoming a Patron. Painters Guild is an art academy management sim set in the Italian Renaissance. You hire artists, paint artwork and expand your guild. There are famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and others, plus randomly generated ones. They live, grow old and die, so you need to train apprentices to keep your guild going throughout the centuries.

What is Roguemance?
Another game you can get by becoming a Patron. Roguemance is a roguelite with romance. You fight turn-based battles alongside romantic partners, and you can try many partners until you find the right one for you. But be careful, they’re jealous of each other. You also explore the Heartipelago, a heart-shaped island with some beautiful environments and many enemies, with bosses based on relationship issues.

Do I get Steam keys every month?
No, you only get them once. You can get them then remove your pledge or move to a lower tier, if you don’t mind losing the recurrent rewards like your Discord role, voting rights and exclusive content. You’ll always keep your Steam keys.

When will I get my Steam key(s)?
As soon as I see your pledge was confirmed. If you pledge when I’m asleep, it might take a few hours. But probably less than that. Please be patient if it takes a while, since I’m sending out the keys personally. Also, payment confirmation can take up to a day.

I’m a Consul, when will I get alpha access to Historia Realis: Roma?
In a few months, I don’t know exactly when. Please be patient as I finish the alpha. Meanwhile, you can play Painters Guild and Roguemance, which are included as rewards.

Is it enough to be a Consul for a single month in order to get alpha access and the full game eventually?
Yes. You can pledge $20 once, remove your pledge and wait. When the alpha comes out, you’ll get an email with your access key. When the full game comes out, you’ll also get an email with an access key.

So what’s stopping me from pledging once, taking my rewards and then removing my pledge?
Nothing, you can do that and it’s totally fine. You’ll keep your Steam keys and eventual access to Historia Realis: Roma. But you’ll lose your Discord role, voting rights, exclusive content and any other recurrent rewards. If you want to get your keys and keep supporting, you can start out at a tier like Consul ($20) then move to Tribunus Plebis ($1) to keep some cool privileges.

If I pay $1 per month for 20 months, getting to a total of $20, do I become a Consul and get the game?
No, unfortunately that’s too hard to track. You get the rewards of your tier, so if you’re paying $1 per month you’ll get the Tribunus Plebis rewards. If you want the rewards in another tier, pledge to that tier instead.

What if you never finish Historia Realis: Roma?
I will. The only way I’m not finishing it is if I die. In that case, I made sure you still got your money’s worth through the rewards, except for the $50 tier. In that case, I’ll do my best to refund you from beyond the grave.

Thank you!
$114.57 of $500 per month
New PC for better quality Twitch streams!
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