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is creating key episodes from the history.

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Do you like History but you do not have time to read those big books?

Do you want to participate in recreation of interesting stories from the paste?

Then this project is for you!

History Time is entertaining and educational show.
  • We make comic style animation, based on the true stories, we bring into life the key episodes of our past.
  • We tell untold and exciting stories of heroes and events from the history. 
  • We will be your guides on this amazing journey into the world of history. 
Right now we are working on two projects first one is mini-series/episodes and another is history of nations.

Mini-series or episodes: With your help we are going to choose one epic story from the history and create beautiful illustration. The whole story will be divided into the 5-6 parts in average, each part will be 4-5 minute long and will be released once per week on our youtube channel. 

History of nations: In the rubric history of nations or how we call it "who the heck are?" we are going to create history of whole nation like French, Canadians etc. But it is told in a funny way with beautiful animations. Each of this video will be maximum 5 minute long and will be released once per week. 

By the way, both History of Nations and mini series  will be available on our youtube channel in two languages - English and Russian.
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