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Welcome to the Crew! This is the simplest and easiest way to show support for the crew. This tier and all others will grant you access to the private Discord server where you can communicate with me directly and get instantly notified whenever I start a stream or post a video.
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The amount puts this on par with a Twitch subscription however Patreon will not take 50% of the earnings like Twitch would. Members in this tier will also be considered for moderator positions on the Discord and Twitch and be given access to Super Streams, which will be Super Crew only once there are enough members. This includes the rewards from the Crew Member tier as well.
Includes Discord rewards



About Hit Man Gaming

Hello there!

If you found your way here then you must in some way be interested in supporting an amateur streamer and Youtuber. 

I've been streaming fairly regularly for the past year or so and I would like to improve the quality of the streams and videos for my viewers. Thats where this Patreon comes in, to try and offset the cost of new games and equipment in order to create an improved content experience.

Rewards start at access to the private Discord server where stream and video announcements will be made and will also be where you can communicate with me directly. Higher tiers consist of game invites straight from me, consideration for moderator status on the Discord server and Twitch, and possible member only events in the future.

Let me stress this one thing however, I would HIGHLY recommend having a Discord account connected to your Patreon account before becoming a patron, as Discord will be the main way of receiving notifications about streams and videos. Patreon has the ability to invite you directly into the server on its own.
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At 20 patrons we can start to consider member only events on Discord and in games
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