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AND, if you wish, receive a Dewdle text alert on mornings when I'm getting ready to start a new dewdle in Coolidge Park!
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About Hollie Berry

When the conditions are perfect in Coolidge Park in beautiful Chattanooga TN I walk out into the dewy grass carrying an extension paint roller, wearing rain boots, and carrying a paper sketch of a map. Those on the ground with me ask me in confusion what I'm doing - am I watering the grass? Doing Tai Chi? Just plain crazy?

But those looking down from the Walnut Street Walking Bridge above can see what I'm actually doing - creating monumental scale drawings in the dewey grass. I create forty foot tall lions, quetzal birds, griffons, and centipedes that must be quickly photographed before the sun dries the dew and they evaporate away. These ephemeral works of art have captured the hearts and imaginations of those who unexpectedly encounter them and have become part of the collective memory and culture of our little city. However, I make them as a labor of love - no one pays me to create them, and indeed how would I sell something that evaporates away even if I wanted to! Since these ephemeral works are so beloved though, I'd like to ask my fans and followers for a little love in return.

If you love seeing these Dewdles as much as I love making them, consider supporting my efforts at even $1 per Dewdle. I'm only able to create about a dozen dewdles in the spring and fall because of the fickle nature of dew, and you can also put a cap on the maximum you would like to contribute each month. The power is in your hands. If even a handful of individuals like yourself decide to become patrons, creating these Dewdles can remain an essential part of my artistic practice, giving me the time & energy I need to dedicate to these monumental, public, and utterly "unsellable" yet magical works of art.
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If I reach $30 in patronage per Dewdle I'll let you choose my next design! I'll let patrons suggest ideas, then you can all vote on your favorite. Popular choice is immortalized forever in dew! Well, immortalized in photography, at least.
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