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Based on aspects of Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction, this powerful content is created by Starpower Management CEO, Hollywood Sentinel PR manager, and Hollywood Sentinel dot com Founding Publisher Bruce Edwin, who represents over 10 billion dollars worth of deals, and numerous stars, as well as multiple Grammy Award Winners. Some of the content will be directly from his upcoming book of the same topic. 

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www.HollywoodSentinel.com is the world's only free entertainment site that is read by many stars and fans, which features ONLY the good news, and also gives practical, FREE advice based on the Law of Attraction, on How to Succeed in Hollywood as a Band, Singer, Fine Artist, Actor, Model, Director, Writer, and more, from a good, moral perspective, directly from working professionals in these areas. 

We feature exclusive interviews on Hollywood Sentinel that we do with the stars, that our readers and listeners love. Upcoming interviews this month and next month include our talks with Ordained Minister MEL NOVAK (who fought BRUCE LEE), TRACY REINER (A League of Their Own), DEVINE EVANS (5 Time Grammy Award Winner who works with Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, and many more), as well as other entertaining, talented, great artists from multiple areas of the arts. 

We also dedicate a good amount of our time, money, and efforts to help bust and stop child traffickers in Hollywood and beyond.  We have been successful in this regard by bringing a number of traffickers to justice. 

The recent reports regarding "jokes about abusing children" by a number of major Hollywood players, are things we find truly disturbing, and have vocally condemned. 

Our goal is to create monthly public service announcements that we will publish free online, to educate parents and kids on how kids can stay safe in Hollywood. 

Eventually, we intend to have major stars host each PSA, and have them appear widely online and on TV. The greater the support we get here on Patreon, the faster we can do this. 

As professionals living and working in Hollywood, representing stars and dealing with the rich and famous, we have been fortunate and blessed enough after over two decades of hard work in the music and film business, to now be able to give back to many seeking to become successful in Hollywood, as well as to parents and kids on how to keep kids safe in the entertainment industry.

We have helped countless aspiring actors, models, bands, singers, fine artists, and more, with FREE advice on How to Succeed In Hollywood with our article of the same title, FREE on the Hollywood Sentinel dot com site, and on our Archives site of The Hollywood Sentinel dot com.

We also have helped many children by stopping abusers and bringing them to justice, including 2 individual traffickers, and 2 trafficking groups. We are currently working on much more in the is regard. 

Our public phone line of 310-226-7176 is always here, ready to take messages, as we personally call back every aspiring actor, model, band, singer, fine artist, writer, etc, answering any of their specific questions personally by phone or email.  As we also run an A-list, licensed talent management company, this interaction and help to aspiring talent and the public is unprecedented, and immensely valuable.  

We also call back any parents who call us, giving them FREE advice on How to Help Keep their Kids Safe in Hollywood, answering their questions, and even in several instances, helping parents get back money when they were ripped off.  Dozens of testimonials from our management and PR clients, stars, aspiring talent we have helped, and more, attest to our desire to give back, lift up humanity, and spread the love. 

We love what we do, creating art with The Hollywood Sentinel, and helping many, many other aspiring talent from around the world, and especially, helping to protect children. What we do takes a lot of time and money however. We are thankful to this cool site Patreon, and thank you in advance for your time and consideration in supporting us. 

We have kept our rewards offered as nominal as can be, so that we can deliver fast and without fail. We do however always strive to over-deliver to our clients, friends, and supporters. 

Thank you for reading, check out Hollywood Sentinel dot com, and please show your love and support.  Thank you! 

--Bruce Edwin, Publisher; Hollywood Sentinel 


"You are very well prepared. You do your job well."- Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds)

"Thank you Bruce for all you have done for our family." --Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson

"You are kind of picking up where Andy (Warhol) and I left off." --Paul Morrissey, Andy Warhol Manager, co founder of Interview Magazine

"Thank you very much for your care, and your help and report. A big part of your report was used."--California State Assembly lawmakers who we provided a free report to on keeping kids safe in Hollywood, for the new talent agent and management law passed several years ago.

© 2018, Hollywood Sentinel dot com 

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