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About HolyCorrupt

Hello! My name is Al, I'm a mostly self taught artist with big aspirations to be able to work full time on my projects and comics, While I'm still starting out with this I wanted to make a Patreon for those who want to see more then what I post publicly, if you pledge you'll get full access to my sketchbooks which contain a lot more art then I post in public haha! As well as full res versions of my full pieces :) 

...and depending on if people want to see it I might start posting some info dumps on my Four projects as well :-) 
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For the Price of a coffee a month you get access to:
-Sketchbook pages as I finish them (Includes notes, studies and doodles)
-High resolution artwork in it's proper sizing. 
-Comic and Project, Notes, Info, and Concept Art

$3 of $600 per month
When I reach this amount I can pay half my months rent just through Patreon! Which means more art for everyone to enjoy!
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