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About Hoof and Sword

Welcome everypony! Thank you for taking the time to check out our Patreon page.

In a world where glitter reigns supreme, our ponies rise above the sparkle on a quest to spread the good word [dramatic pause] of friendship. These tales of heroism can be found in “Hoof and Sword,” an actual play podcast in which a group of rowdy adults break the Tails of Equestria tabletop RPG system (based on the My Little Pony universe) with sexy adult content. Join us as we explore a universe filled with magical friendship, talking ponies, and a never ending supply of sparkles as they unveil their true enemy: themselves. And even though this is based in the MLP universe - this is not a podcast for kids.

Every two weeks we release a new episode featuring the GamePony Ben and the players Eli and Gwynn. We love playing together and producing this podcast for you. But there are costs to producing a podcast and we are hoping you can help us with that. With your help, we can continue to produce the podcast without breaking the bank. Additionally, we would like to upgrade our recording equipment, cover our production costs, and maybe retire early (just kidding on that last part! We know that it is hopeless...).

We would love to get your financial support, but we also appreciate your support by sharing us and giving us feedback! You can contact us on Twitter at @HoofAndSword and by email at [email protected].

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