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About Hook

Thank you for checking out my Patreon! It means a lot to me you're checking out and possibly trying out my projects! If you like it please share it around and let them know of me.

Right now I'm currently working on a project called, "Spina's Journey." It's a linear visual novel with a working title.

Beside that though I'm working on, "Project Raven." Another Visual Novel that was suppose to be on Unity but as of now I can't make it right now. However I will try to come back and make it if the visual novel goes well. This visual novel has two choices which involves two choices; More story and less action or more action and less story.


Callana's Misery (currently in progress)
A young girl named, "Callana", enslaved and forced to dig holes all her life until she found a buried building. In that building is an AI mech named, "Misery." Callana will have to decide to kill the knights that enslaved her like what Misery wants or let them live.

Art by Christian Jay

Spina's Journey (working title) (on hold)
A half desert dragon half imported searched an underground ruins in the desert and found a complicated riddle. At the same time her father suddenly wants her to go on a journey and explore the world.
(Feedback reminder: Work on pacing.)

Demo version 0.1 (ch.1)
Spina's Journey (PC)
(Important note: When downloading the file, click "Download All" in the upper right hand corner. Then go to the zip file folder that's named "SpinasJourney-1.0-pc", extract the zip, go to the folder you just extracted from, and then double click "SpinasJourney".)

Re-Pete (on hold)
A clock fights off evil.

Beneath Her Scales (on hold)
You're an imported who got a job at the Llana University. You'll meet the local residents of the school such as Imported like you, drakains, and other species. Your eyes are set on these five dragon girls called drakainans who interest you.

Demo version 0.1
Beneath Her Scales (PC)

Project Stranded AI
TBA when demo comes out.

Project Metal Flake
TBA when demo comes out.

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If you decide to become a patron you will have access to my discord and patreon feed. Not only that but with your support the game will not only be free but you will have influence within it. Meaning as long as you're a patron you will be bug testing and even change parts of the story to make it cleaner and not sloppy mess.

Remember your feedback is grateful in making these games great.

Videos and streams
Once I'm fully funded on Patreon for development on current games I can start putting all my time on making the games and full time streaming and videos.
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I can now fund the projects a lot more quickly.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts